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Ali Khodadadi

PhD student

Ali is a PhD student at the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department. His research is focused on Machine Learning methods in the engineering field (Li-ion batteries), and the main goal is to find a way to use the Density Functional Theory (DFT) results in the Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations without explicitly considering the electrons. Although the potential of MD and DFT simulations to describe the materials properties and their behavior at the nanoscale are not debatable, relating these two simulation methods with Machine Learning algorithms can be led to more reliable answers. His interest in the programming field prompted him to take this complex but important path. 

Ali received his Master’s degree from the Sharif University of Technology (2018) and his Bachelor’s from the Tabriz University (2015). His Master’s thesis was conducted with regards to the MD simulations of the nanodroplets breakup in nanotubes, and his Bachelor’s project was conducted with regards to the CFD simulations of the passive micromixers.