Comprehensive high-accuracy numerical & high-fidelity experimental program for thermo-electro-chemical research of batteries and power electronics

  • ATOMS Laboratory launched its cutting-edge in-house Thermal Management Systems (TMS) lab for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure in 2023
  • TMS laboratory fuels battery research with comprehensive experiments and advanced numerical simulations, driving innovation in EV battery and fast-charger design, including second-life battery applications
  • Facility has sparked fruitful collaborations with academics and industry leaders in automotive, battery tech, and charging infrastructure
  • TMS Laboratory facilitated diverse training for e-mobility experts and inspired ventures targeting vehicle electrification markets

Research Scope

UTFR Testing at TMS Labs!

We’re thrilled to work with UTFR – University of Toronto Formula Racing for thermal testing on battery packs at TMS Laboratory. The lab’s state-of-the-art technology facilitated precise data collection, ensuring accurate calibration of temperature sensors for on-track monitoring

Heartiest Congratulations to the UTFR – University of Toronto Formula Racing team for unveiling the car and pushing the boundaries without missing a beat


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