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Vincenzo Costanzo

Research Associate

Vincenzo is a Research Associate at the Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department, University of Toronto. Before joining the ATOMS lab he was a Professor of Geophysics at the Universidad Simon Bolivar (Venezuela) and a Post Doctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto (Physics Department). He holds an MSc and a PhD in Physics from the University of Toronto, a BSc in Physics from the Simón Bolívar University and an MBA in Environmental Project Management from the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). At present, his research is mainly focused on the near-surface characterization of hydrocarbon reservoirs by studying the magnetic and geochemical signatures produced by oil and gas microseepage through the porous media of the overlying strata. He is currently working on the numerical modeling of fluid and gas migration in a non-engineered landfill to monitor subsurface contaminant transport. Ultimately, this project aims to obtain a 3D electrical conductivity tomography of the site and to quantify, via optimization and statistical tools, the complex synergy between methane surficial emissions and leachate accumulations at depth.