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Vincenzo Luciano Costanzo

Student Researcher

Vincenzo is completing his final undergraduate year at the University of Toronto, graduating with a major in Mathematics, a minor in Statistics and a second minor in English literature. He first joined the ATOMS lab as a summer and winter high-school intern in 2017, participating in the development of thermodynamic models for the lithium-ion battery research project.

Since 2023, he has been actively contributing as a co-author to a project funded by the Centre for Global Engineering (Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering) entitled: “Caring for the Thunderbird’s Nest: Machine Learning Tools to Visualize Invisible Environmental Threats and Map the Spatial Distribution of Ground Pollutants with Fort William First Nation”. Specifically, Vincenzo employs machine learning algorithms (including various clustering methods) to analyze the hydrogeochemical data from water quality reports, so as to construct a kinematic model of contaminant migration within the Fort William First Nation aquifers. Furthermore, he is applying time series analysis to pairs of borehole locations that are aligned in the direction of the aquifers’ hydraulic gradient to measure time lags in the data’s evolution process.